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  • Simon de Montfort – Anti-Semitic? January 20, 2022
    Montfort University in Leicester is one of the foremost universities in England, named for Simon de Montfort for his creation of modern democracy. Never the less, a group of students have lobbied to change the name on the grounds that Simon hated Jews. They base this accusation on the fact that they lodged complaint against ...
  • A Day to Remember January 6, 2022
    January 6, a day of sadness. As an historian who has spent my focus on the development of democracy since the 13th century, the events of January 6, 2021 were appalling and echoed of much of the worst of the past.
  • Christmas at Kenilworth from Montfort the Revolutionary January 6, 2022
    by Katherine Ashe A grand feast was prepared for Twelfth Night, January sixth. The three soaring arches on each side of the hall were swagged with holly. At the Countess Eleanor’s whim, a swag was hung upon the great mural of the Montfort red lion rampant painted on the broad white wall behind the dais. The ...